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Welcome to the No Debt Degree Blog!

The who, what, and why of our Blog…

Welcome to our first blog post! We are so excited to be writing this right now, and even more excited knowing that YOU are finally reading it! I am Queenstar Akrong, CEO & Founder of No Debt Degree.

For the past ten years, we have loved engaging with students and families on their journey to plan life after high school! It's been an honor supporting families and students throughout one of the most critical moments of their lives. For our first blog post we wanted to let you know more about us and what you can expect to see here!

Let's introduce ourselves…

Our Founder, Queenstar Akrong started No Debt Degree after struggling to pay for college education and accruing over $50k in student loan debt, I wanted to create a platform to educate families on the financial investment a postsecondary education requires and want students to enjoy postsecondary education with as little financial stress as possible. Across our team, we've worked in college and career access space for over a decade including most recently at The College Board, National College Attainment Network, and College Tracks. We've helped support thousands of students and can't wait to support more students in the future!

What this blog is all about…

This space will be a little bit of everything – topics from colleges, internships, landing your first job, navigating your career, and all the things we have learned along our journey. Our goal for this site is for students and families to find useful advice, gain access to resources, through relatable and helpful content to help navigate this confusing postsecondary journey. At No Debt Degree, we like to keep our content, fun, engaging, and straight to the point.

We would love to know more about you! Leave us a comment down below letting us know a bit about you and what you hope to see here. We can’t wait to connect with you all!

(Queenstar with a few of our No Debt Degree students at our annual summer bowling tournament)

Thank you for being here!

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