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3 Websites to Find Your Next Internship

Summer is fast approaching and many students in high school and college are clamoring to find the right internship to gain the necessary skills for their future career path. Internships are a great opportunity to work with an official organization to gain training and work experience. Below are three of our favorite websites to find internships.


If you're interested in a public sector, non-profit, or social impact role, idealist is the perfect place to start. Since its founding, they have Connected more than 130,000 organizations with job seekers and interns. They regularly post thousands of social-impact jobs , internships , and volunteer opportunities. They also regularly host grad-school fairs, and built a grad-school directory to help their members of advance their social-impact careers.They also have free, expert resources for social-impact professionals (and aspiring professionals!). Definitely check them out! (


Run by textbook rental and online tutoring company Chegg, this website offers 100,000 listings from 60,000 employers. It has many listings for high school and college students hoping to land an internship in any industry. Another bonus feature about this website is that you can connect to your Facebook and get connected to people in your network who may work at the company or are affiliated with a company you are interested in working for. With its relatively simple interface, we love recommending this website to our students. (

3. LinkedIn

Many students overlook LinkedIn but it is a great resource for finding your next internship. It is important to build out a professional page that highlights your academic and professional experience before searching for your internship. If you do not have work experience to highlight, make sure to include volunteer work and leadership positions you have held. LinkedIn is also a great place to network with people who work at your dream company. Never be afraid to ask for a 15 min virtual chat to learn more about a company you are interested in. Create your free profile at and get started on your search today!

Overall, internships can be a great experience whether you're in high school, college or entering the workforce. It is an effective way to encourage your professional growth, and gain entry into your desired career path.


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